Microsoft OneDrive available Worldwide

Microsoft OneDrive available WorldwideMicrosoft OneDrive available Worldwide: Microsoft announce today its free cloud storage for Android, Microsoft, iOS, and for windows devices.  Microsoft change name of its cloud storage as OneDrive instead of SkyDrive. Microsoft upgrade its all features of easy access and full control rather than a just storage. Continue reading “Microsoft OneDrive available Worldwide” »

Smartphone market share 2013

Smartphone market share 2013Worldwide smartphone market share 2013 first times make the record of 1004 Million shipment.   According to international analyst smartphone shipment increased by 40% in 2013 than that of 2012.  According to IDC (International Data corporation) Samsung is the top vendor for year 2013, Apple is the second vendor for shipment volumes. Continue reading “Smartphone market share 2013” »

Worldwide tablet market share 2013

Worldwide tablet market share 2013Worldwide tablet market share 2013 analysed by IDC.  Apple is the first to ship the tablet devices and Samsung is the second largest seller.  217.1 million tablet shipped during 2013 it shows 28.2% increase year over year. Apple is offering very powerful slate especially in US it has become leader. Continue reading “Worldwide tablet market share 2013” »

LG Q4 result 2013 vs Samsung

LG Q4 result 2013 vs SamsungLG sells 13.2 million phones in Q4 2013. This is 54% upward than Q4 of 2012.  LG revenue rose up slightly in Q4 leading by 1.4 billion dollar.  LG get upward 54% as Q4 to Q4 of last year and 29% year to year.  LG’s phone division posted $11.85 billion in revenue, which is up 29% on the previous year. Continue reading “LG Q4 result 2013 vs Samsung” »