Nov 242012

Google Nexus 4 price in USA

Google Nexus 4 price in USA now after nexus 5 release rummer the Nexus 4 get cuts price by $100 USD, Now price of unlocked device is $200. While earlier it is sold at $300.  Due to off contract and unlocked device Google Nexus 4 become the best cell phone in USA.

The best marketing Features is off contract and unlocked device with cheap and cutts  price tag.

Google Nexus 4 is one of the most affordable high-end smartphones with its released price $349 in the USA. But now only can get discount on 8GB Device on google play store.

Google nexus 4 price in Europe Market is different, as Carphone warehouse is listing the latest Nexus phone for the hefty £390.  This is £110 more than the listed £279 price in the UK Play Store.

The reason for this is the pricing outside of Google’s Play Store for the Nexus 4 comes from LG. The Koreans are the ones that sell the device to smartphone retailers and as a result the price is higher.

  4 Responses to “Google Nexus 4 price in USA”

  1. What is the latest price for a 16 GB device? Is it available / Is it in stock? Thanks!

  2. This price is for unlocked phone device, special discounted offer by Google. Device is with out carrier contract.

  3. Is the phone locked or is it unlocked in 349$ ?
    I’d like to know ASAP about its price in the USA and their restrictions, if any.

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