HTC M7 Price in France

htc m7 release HTC M7 Price in France will 649.00 Euro at Phone House.  A Taiwanese Brand source it release on 19th Feb but officially HTC M7 will be launched on March 8 at Phone House.

HTC M7 price in France:

HTC M7 would be equipped with a 4.7-inch screen resolution FullHD (1080p), he would turn in Jelly Bean with the latest version of HTC Sense 5.0 interface house, the rear sensor is 13 million pixels, embark 32GB of internal memory, integrate technology 4G (LTE) and the NFC. Finally, the paper announces a “very fine design” and a double next speaker signed by the Beats Audio technology.   hTC M7 earlier rumors

availability and price: shop 8 March to 649.90 euros Phone House  Source Via

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