Aug 012013

Google ChromecastTechnology of digital content going to change by introducing of new tools and techniques.   The user wish to get smaller, economical and multi functional devices.  The trends of new technologies, devices and networks going to take up the traditional TV.  Continue reading “Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Aereo Change broadcast TV trend” »

Jun 062012

 wireless providers that use the GSM network system in the U.S., that’s AT&T and T-Mobile – if it can’t be designated 3G, it isn’t Mobile broadband. That’s why T-Mobile’s coverage is rated so much lower than AT&T’s.  The other U.S. carriers which use the CDMA network must comply with EVDO standards to meet the broadband criteria.  Verizon Wireless has already upgraded its entire network to EVDO Rev A.  Continue reading “Mobile Broadband” »

May 052012

Virgin Media mobile broadband

Cable giant Virgin Media has added mobile broadband to its range of services, allowing customers to bundle internet on the move with their home broadband, phone calls and digital TV…Virgin Media ( currently offers two mobile broadband packages, one with a 1GB download allowance and the second with a 3GB monthly limit. Continue reading “Virgin Media mobile broadband” »