Feb 072013

Ubuntu smartphone OS will shipped in October this year. Canonical CEO and founder Mark Shuttleworth said that Ubuntu for smartphones will also hit a couple of “large geographic markets”. Although he didn’t specify them, he told WSJ that “North America is absolutely a key market for Ubuntu.”.

Ubuntu smartphone os

Ubuntu Smartphone OS:

Mr. Shuttleworth, Ubuntu has got the necessary attention from multiple carriers, which are going to back the new born mobile OS at its launch. However, which ones exactly remains a mystery.  He said, the smartphones can be docked to larger displays, wirelessly connected to keyboards and other peripherals. It have Windows-based applications streamed to them from corporate servers. This would mean users could access all manner of corporate data through a single, pocket-sized device. “You can share Windows apps to the phone desktop,” said Mr. Shuttleworth during a meeting in New York Tuesday.

Ubuntu Linux OS:

App developers and Ubuntu enthusiasts will have access to the Linux-driven OS as early as the end of this month when Canonical is going to release a special ROM for the Galaxy Nexus.

Source  Wall street

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